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Our 100 staff are dedicated to the solution of real-world problems using world-class supercomputing and data services. We host an exceptional range of supercomputers, including many of the UK’s national services, and have developed significant expertise in the construction, operation and use of secure data safe havens. We are experts at applying the power of supercomputers to complex data analytics problems. 

Our Purpose 

EPCC, the supercomputing centre at the University of Edinburgh, is an international centre of excellence in high-performance and data-intensive computing for industry and academia. Founded in 1990, our activities span service hosting and management, advanced expert-led teaching and training, HPC and data science research, and contract work for a wide range of organisations, from the public sector to multinationals and local SMEs. 

Examples of Projects 

  • ARCHER: EPCC hosts ARCHER, the UK’s primary academic research supercomputer. ARCHER provides the service’s computational science and engineering support, delivers HPC training, and gives on-demand access for industry. 
  • National Data Safe Haven (NDSH): NDSH is a highly secure computing environment with high-performance storage and compute infrastructure.EPCC ensures that the data is securely accessible for ethically-approved research, and that the infrastructure can cope with the demands of large-scale, very complex data analytics. 
  • European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) hub: This EU project will create a blueprint for e-infrastructure in Europe for the next decade. 
  • Exascale computing, the next generation of HPC: EPCC has been at the forefront of research into exascale computing, both hardware and software, for a number of years. We are major partners in international projects designed to drive forward Europe’s readiness for the transition to exascale. Examples include BioExcel, Exaflow, INTERWinE, and NextGenIO
  • Fortissimo Marketplace: EPCC led the establishment of this unique facility, which offers cloud-based HPC simulation services for European industry.
  • PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe) programme: PRACE gives research access to world-class computing and data management resources across Europe. ARCHER is an integral part of the PRACE Tier-1 resource exchange programme. 
  • SHAPE (SME HPC Adoption Programme in Europe): EPCC co-ordinates this pan-European initiative to support HPC adoption by SMEs to increase their competitiveness.


Professor Mark Parsons, Director, EPCCMark is EPCC's Director and has led the development of the City Deal's World Class Data Infrastructure, which will underpin the City Deal's Data-Driven Innovation programme. 

Dr Rob Baxter, Software Development Group Manager, EPCCRob is one of EPCC's senior staff and has led the development of EPCC's role in the City Deal’s Data-Driven Innovation Programme. 

Maureen Simpson, Director of Operations, EPCC
Maureen is EPCC’s Director of Operations and is in charge of EPCC’s day-to-day operations, ensuring the organisation meets the needs of its many partners. LinkedIn 

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