Robots and researcher at the Bayes Centre

The Bayes Centre is home to national facilities for research into the interactions between robots, environments, people, and autonomous systems. This work develops ways of operating in uncharted places, manipulating objects in complex environments and ways for robots to interact closely with humans.

The Edinburgh Centre for Robotics, a collaboration between the School of Informatics and Heriot-Watt University, uses lab space at the Bayes Centre for a variety of robotic platforms alongside camera equipment and high-speed network communications. This allows robot behaviour to be analysed and developed using a variety of real-time data sources - robotics research with a data-driven focus.

Platforms include Valkyrie, the NASA-built humanoid developed for space missions – one of only three in the world, and Anymal – a quadruped which is specifically designed to operate on difficult terrain which simulates hazardous environments.

The Bayes Centre is also home to the Human-Robot Interaction Lab, researchers and PhD students from the Robotics and Autonomous Systems Centre for Doctoral Training, and the Human Motion Analysis Lab where roboticists, animation experts and cognitive scientists study human motion.