Supercomputing researcher at the Bayes Centre

EPCC, formerly the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre, is an international centre of excellence in high-performance computing which hosts many national supercomputing services for researchers across the UK. Now based at the Bayes Centre, it was established in 1990 and maintains its mission to accelerate the effective exploitation of novel computing throughout industry, academia and commerce.

As part of the Data-Driven Innovation programme, EPCC is developing World-Class Data Infrastructure which will contain a huge “data lake” bringing together data from many different sectors. This will provide a unique resource for academic researchers as well as small and emerging companies that do not have the resources to acquire commercial datasets. 

Although around 100 EPCC staff are based at the Bayes Centre, supercomputing and data storage facilities are located in a purpose-built Advanced Computing Facility off-site.
In addition to hosting data, EPCC also delivers expert-led training in high-performance computing for engineers and scientists.