Design Informatics

Design informatics graphic

Design informatics combines the power of connectivity and information processing with design thinking to develop systems for better interaction between data and humans.  It is enhancing the products and services we use and is transforming the ways we work.

The Centre for Design Informatics is a fusion of art and science – a collaboration between the Edinburgh College of Art and the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. Adjoined to the Bayes Centre, the team here explore the design of data flows that are mediated through interactions between humans and computer devices, and explores how these can be turned into new physical and virtual artefacts that create value for people and society. 

Work at the Centre involves bringing together technologies from the Internet of Things, blockchain, robotics, speech recognition, data visualisation, interaction design and social computing. The Centre for Design Informatics also provides open teaching space and state-of-the-art design technology.

This interdisciplinary and creative approach to informatics - the study of the structure and behaviour of information systems – provides a unique perspective in understanding and developing the ways in which people, data and systems might interact in the future.